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Dhrumil Mehta

Database Journalist @ FiveThirtyEight

Welcome to my GitHub Page.

These are the repositories that I've been working on recently. Please take a look!

Political Framing

Political framing is a project that uses supervised learning to study the rhetoric of politicians. You can learn about it at

Click here to see github repo.

Media Framing

Media Framing is a joint project with the Berkman Center at Harvard University and The Center for Civic Media at MIT using unsupervised machine learning to analyze the rhetoric of news media.

Click here to see github repo.


Tapestry is a wordpress plugin that allows news contnet publishers to publish a particular story or post on Wordpress within its temporal context, what we have dubbed a “stream”. It was built during my time as a student fellow at the Knight Lab for News Innovation under the tutelege of Prof Zach Wise(@zachwise) and Joe Germuska(@JoeGermuska).

Click here to see github repo.